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Soke Grandmaster Soto, 8-time World Kumite Champion and the highest authority in the art of ATEMI JUJITSU and AIKI-JITSU Soto-Ryu Martial Arts Science One of many school logos with the ATEMI fist and sword going through it. Right hand side is the International Federation patch

Soke Grandmaster Soto is the highest authority in ATEMI JUJITSU SOTO-RYU. He is an 8-time world kumite champion, undisputed champ. He holds a tenth deree black belt and is head of the International Bushido Federation and the USA International Federation of Martial Arts.

The art of ATEMI comprises 365 attack points central nervous system. It utilizes joint manipulation, striking techniques, atemi-waza movements as well as interlocking twine techniques known as ju-je-moroti. Tweeta hand devices, throwing techniques, grappling and grippling, kopu-jitsu techniques, hand-to-hand combat, ku-be-ju  and the physiology of the human body anatomy techniques as well as pinching hand technique. Grandmaster Sot is the highest in the art of ATEMI. Atemi means: A-accuracy, T-timing, E-energy,M-mind-control and I-instinct. Jujitsu known as the gentle art, harmony and coordination. One passive and one negative.

Grandmaster Soto inthe 1970's posing for international photographer, throwing a high side-kick at a 6-degree black belt in jujitsu Grandmaster Soto doing a stand called lu-mal

To practice martial arts science, is to utilize a discipline that is higher, in other words, cannot claim to be a martial artist if you do not practice daily the martial arts science. You have to be passive, humble, and have the spirit of a warrior to be able to wax in at an instant and wax out in a blink of a second.. You must be able to step to the plate when the situation is in  your face and you cannot avoid it. You must overcome your fears and not dwell on the past but utilize the present and never think you're the best. Satay alert and pay attention to detail always.Grasp your roots and be good to yourself. - by Grandmaster Soto

Yin/Yang i gold is a symbol of the heaven stage where everything that becomes the reality becomes a possiblity and what becomes a posibility becomes an inevitability you cannot change what is going to be but to accept it and handle it Flashing icon is for books that are available at barnes & Noble as well as Soto-Ryu publications, click on to links for more information click on shopping page and a description of the books

For beginner students and advanced students, the books are designed to help you understand the principles and fundamentals of the martial arts science of ATEMI jujitsu. As you all know, books to give you more grasp o fthe art you are seeking to study, yes you may pick up a thing or two, but the best practical lesson is to come and learn. But I hope you find the books interesting when searchning and learning - Grandmaster Soto


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dojo: (619) 448-2118

or contact Shihan McHenry (858) 271-4292


Headed by World Champion Grandmaster Irving Soto, 10th degree black belt in the art of ATEMI JUJITSU and AIKI-JITSU

Grandmaster Soto with Grandmaster Aaron Banks after winning a world championship fight and friend Louis Manuel Grandmaster Soto with his Kung fu teacher posing in this photo in New york City

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