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USA Atemi Ki Do Dojo

Martial Arts Physical Fitness Center

9805 Prospect Ave., #D

San Diego, CA 92071

for more information call this number: (619) 448-2118

for more info contact Sensei McHenry (858) 271-4292




USA Atemi Ki Do Dojo located at the corner of Prospect Ave and Cuyamaca

This map is to guide you to help you find the school.

From downtown San Diego, take interstate 8 to 67 North, take the Prosect Ave off-ramp, make a left turn on Prospect, follow down 3 lights to Cuyamaca, make a left into the 7-11. You'll see the USA Atemi Ki Do Dojo on the far hand corner next to the motorcycle shop

USA Atemi Ki Do Dojo is located at the corner Prospect Ave and Cuyamaca at the 7-11.

The hours of operation Monday - Fridays from 7-10 pm every night

We have plenty of parking, front and back spaces.

Who Is Grandmaster Soto 

President and Founder of the New GGMAHF International Martial Arts Hall of Fame

8-time World Kumite champion

4-time World Kickboxing Champion

4-time Grappling Champion

3-time World Jujitsu Champion

10-time bare knuckle champion, full contact

6-time Hall of Famer

Different hall of Fames inducted into

2-time World Soke Council, FL;

Int’l Martial Arts Hall of Fame Sanuce’s Ryu Mushaba Force;

Golden Global Int’l Hall of Fame

Canadian Int’l Hall of Fame

Winner of 3000 trophies

U.S. Dept. of Justice, Federal Correction tactical defense instructor

New York City Sheriff’s Office, Senior Tactical defense Instructor and Director in Charge

Dept. of Defense, U.S. military police, armed forces, and tactical defense instructor

Honored by the former mayor of San Diego, Mayor Susan Golding, Excellent Community service award, Special Commendation

Honored by the mayor of Hollywood, Mayor Johnny Grant, Excellent Community service award, Special Commendation

Author of 5 books

Holder of 39 high-ranking black belts and 8 masteries in the martial arts science

Grandmaster Soto has been training for 48 years

Grandmaster Soto is currently a police officer for the U.S. government, Dept. of Defense



GGMAHF Hall of Fame