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Grandmaster Soto demonstrating a iriminage Photo of Grandmaster Soto

When the attacker attacks, you faciliate into his body, by hitting your forearm or open palm into his throat, by using your legs, sweep both of his legs from underneath him, you send the person flying head straight down to the pavement and his legs upright towards the sky 

Undisputed World Champion Grandmaster Soto, 10th degree black belt in the art of atemi and  aiki-jujitsu

Grandmaster Soto refereeing fight-night, full-contact muay-tai fight at the International Institute of Martial Arts in Escondido, CA CAMI Hall show in 1994, Grandmaster Soto putting a spear to his throat and holding off six guys

Hosted by Master Brown of the International Institute of Martial Arts

Grandmaster Soto spectacular demonstration of the unbendable arms with six guys, as well as incredible kick techniques, iron spear and brick breaking and a mirage dmeonstration of multi-level technique attacks and disarmament gun  and knife techniques, and grappling techniques at CAMI Hall at 57th Street, New York City. Demonstrations by Shihan Jonas Nunez from America's Finest Karate, Master Thomas Roberto, world Promoter Aaron Banks, demonstration by Grandmaster David Soto and demonstration by Raphael Reyes. Producer of the show "Beyond the Sea"-martial arts talk-show host Barbara Sang .

Grandmaster Soto with actor Gary Coleman of "Different Strokes" 1973 USA Atemi Ki Do Dojo Grandmaster Soto with other masters
. 1973 USA Atemi Ki Do Dojo, Grandmaster Soto 10th degree black belt atemi jujitsu, on the far right, Master Robert Krausen "Sugar" 10th degree black belt of ju-jitsu, Sifu David Lebron, kung fu master and Grandmaster Tommy Chen, 10th degree black belt karate 

Actor Frank Dux of Bloodsport with Jean Claude Van Damm Grandmaster Soto with Frank Dux in his home in CA with Sensei McHenry, Shihan Reyes, Grandmster Wilson


Grandmaster Soto hanging out with other masters and friend, Frank Dux

Grandmaster Soto at the Hall of Fame in Orlando, FL Grandmaster Soto with Grandmaster Denora, world champion Don "the Dragon" Wilson, Grandmaster Ron Van Clief

At the International martial Arts Hall of fame in Florida, Soke World Council, 1998. with Grandmaster Billy Davis, Grandmaster Soto world champion, acotr and musician, Grandmaster Ron Van Cleif "Black Dragon" actor and movie star, and actor/movie star and world champion Don "the Dragon" Wilson

At the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame in Florida

Grandmaster Soto at the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame at Sanauces Ryu in LA, CA with actor and martial artist sifu Eric Lee and Grandmaster Frederick Peterson who were also inducted into the hall of fame that day

Intrenational Ju-jitsu Hall of Fame


Grandmaster Soto with Shihan David Soto Grandmaster Soto with brother Shihan David Soto

Grandmaster Soto, 10th degree black belt and shihan David Soto, 8th degree black belt

Posing at the GGMAHF Martial Arts Hall of Fame in San Diego

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