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Grandmaster Soto posing  with the katana.   Grandmater Soto performing a hai-ki-ryu pinning throw with tweeta-hand device and wrist lock.

1974 Grandmaster Soto after winning the world championship fights overseas

  USA Atemi Ki Do Dojo, Grandmaster Soto doing a flying side-kick 7 feet in the air, early seventies.

1993 Championship Fights at YMCA in Brooklyn, NY with Grandmaster Soto, Grandmaster Thomas Roberto, Grandmaster Aaron Banks, Grandmaster Jim Powers and Shihan David Soto


World promoter Grandmaster Aaron Banks speaking at Grandmaster Soto's show at CAMI Hall in New York

International Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Sanauces Ryu, Grandmaster Soto after being inducted for ju-jitsu with Grandmaster Moses Powell and Mohammad Shabazz


Grandmaster Soto shaking hand with Grandmaster Moses Powell at International Hall of Fame banquet 1998

Grandmaster Soto studying ju-jitsu classes at St Johns Center,  with Grandmaster Rudy Jones these classes were only for masters and high ranking black belts


Grandmaster Soto with classmates at the St John Center in Brooklyn, ju-jitsu classes 

Grandmaster Soto posing with ju-jitsu classmates at St Jjohns Center in Brooklyn


USA Atemi Ki Do Dojo Grandmaster Soto Iron palm training, breaking bricks

World Champion Grandmaster Soto with World Champion Bill Wallace aka "Super Foot"


Grandmaster Soto with Grandmaster John Denora at the SOKE World Hall of Fame in FL

Grandmaster Soto with the late Grandmaster Hughes at the International Martial Arts Tournament in Oceanside, CA.  

Grandmaster Soto with other masters at International Tournament held in San Diego, CA

Grandmaster Soto at the International World Soke Council in Florida 1998


Grandmaster Soto at the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame in Florida with Grandmaster Ron Van Clief


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